2022 Stallion News

Good and bad news, a round up thread.

Majestic Harbor dead due to cardiac event.

Rock of Gibraltar has died, age 23, from heart failure.

Blackbeard retired due to small knee chip. Honestly though; 8 starts on a 2 year old and we are surprised?

Blackbeard to Miss Breeders’ Cup, Retired to Stud - BloodHorse

I doubt Aidan O’Brien mismanaged Blackbeard (and before anyone says “George Washington”, that was 15 years ago, less than halfway into O’Brien’s career at Coolmore. I’d like to think he’s learned since then). From interviews I’ve read/seen, and based on what others have said about him, O’Brien really loves the horses he trains - they aren’t just a means to fame and money. I wish I were one of his family - every one of them seems to be part thoroughbred! They’re all gifted horsemen.

If you followed his races at all, you saw that Blackbeard is one seriously difficult horse to manage in training. He threw a fit at the gate every time and dumped his jockey once. He’s pretty hard on himself. Just a guess, but I imagine those antics were a factor in the decision to retire him, plus Coolmore look to have a pretty strong 3yo hand for the 2023 classics. Ahhh, the luxury of having a large stable full of the best bloodlines…