2023/2024 AEC Location?

2019, 2021 - Kentucky Horse Park
2022 - Rebecca Farm
2023, 2024 - TBD

Any guesses on who is bidding, and where it may go after Rebecca?

I’m wondering the same. We wanted to do the AECs this year at the horse park but we where unable to. Montana will be too far for us, so looking towards 2023. Maybe it will come back to the horse park? I know 2021 and 2019 AECs where the largest AECs ever, so maybe they will see how great of a location it is?

Some of us are hoping the regular event returns to KHP in the coming years, to repeat the single running of the BN 3 day event!

I didn’t realize that got canned with the AECs. I would be happy to have that too!

Pretty sure I saw somewhere that it will be in Tryon after MT

I have heard that Stable View is going to try and get it as well.

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I also saw someone was saying Fairhill?

I just looked at the schedule and the KY Classique is on Sept 2-4, no 3 day event listed, just starter->Advanced. :upside_down_face:

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I saw that! I was wondering if it could get added later? Does anyone know?

Not sure, but I’m excited there’s an advanced being offered!