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2023 Blenheim Information - are you going?

I know the Blenheim conversation will start very soon, as it is 1 month away - Sept. 14th - 17th!! Are you going? If so, you may want to get in on this deal: Blenheim XC course walk for two, with 3 of Canada’s top High Performance committee members. Mike Winter (present Canadian Rider Rep, National Squad member and Olympian), Rebecca Howard (Olympian and now Canada’s Chef d’ Equipe/Technical Advisor), and Emily Gilbert (Chair of Eventing High Performance) will provide you with not only with a “once in a life-time” educational experience, BUT one that will be entertaining!! :grin:
LUNCH is included!!! :yum:(https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/101264/auctions/146350/auction_items/4707736)

Come and support the Canadian Eventing Team as they raise funds for the 2023 Pan American Games and the 2024 Paris Olympics. While you are checking this item out, look at all the other donated items - 75 to chose from :+1:

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Visit Blenheim Palace.

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There is a new organiser this year. So far, the signs are good but Blenheim is taking some time to get over Covid lockdown. Not all the adjunct displays and competitions have returned and last year there were fewer shopping opportunities. The xc course will be excellent, as always, and the location is beautiful.

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There is less than 24 hours left for the Canadian Teams Online Auction “Pathway to Paris”. Blenheim is about 3 weeks away AND there is still time to bid on the Private XC course walk, lunch with beverages and brilliant conversation with Mike Winter, Rebecca Howard and Emily Gilbert. Sept. 2023 Blenheim XC course walk & Lunch for 2 | Free Online Silent Auction Fundraisers | 32auctions
The auction closes at 5pm (PDT) on Aug. 24th!

Mike Winter just sent us this: Breaking News: Voltair Design UK will donate a swag bag (hat, sox… other promotional stuff), to the winning bid of the course walk at Blenheim! :+1: