2XCool Sports Medicine Boots

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Has anyone here tried the 2XCool Sports Medicine boots by Professionals Choice? What do you think of them? They look to be lighter/thinner than the old style SMBs, of which I am not a big fan for fit and heat retention issues. Are they really lighter and cooler?

This seems to be the only brand of boots made in a size that will fit my 13.3 hand Half Arab, other than the cheap neoprene splint boots, which don’t offer enough coverage for what I want for her. I have always been a polo wrap person, but I’m looking for something cooler if possible.

I haven’t seen them, but I’m generally not a fan of the smb design. There are good pony boot options out there though-- it is often cheaper to order them from the UK. I am a big fan of these boots for everyday /xc /trail riding https://www.equilibriumproducts.com/product/tri-zone-all-sports-boots/

My 15.1 TB wears a small in front and medium behind.
Justforponies.com might also have some good options.

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I’m not usually a fan of the SMB design, either, but they do provide good coverage. Next best thing to polos in that respect. I’m not looking for “support” (which no boot or wrap can provide), but full leg coverage with minimal weight or heat production/retention.

Just for Ponies only has the cheap neoprene splint boots and old-style SMBs. I will look at some European options to see if any of them are better than what is available stateside.

I absolutely LOVE mine. They do make a noticeable difference in leg temp and seem to be just as durable as the originals. I use them every ride on my performance mare as she tends to tangle up her legs a bit in her turnarounds until she’s loosened up a bit, she’s been in the same pair for about a year and they’re still working well. I did use them over the winter too (North TX and not very cold) so no breaks for them in the last year.


Have them, LOVE them.

It depends what you want to compare them too. I feel they are a similar feel/weight to the VenTech Elite but lighter than the SMB 2 or SMB 3. The material is neat. Don’t think that they are going to feel cold to the touch (they don’t) but I am very impressed that they feel NEUTRAL when I take them off my horse’s legs. And it is very rare for my horses to have any sweat under them. Now, I don’t keep my boots on long (usually no more than an hour) but we did have a very hot summer 90’s and 100’s endlessly which is not typical for us in North Dakota, so I was really impressed that my horse’s legs never actually felt warm under the boots.

They also do a great, great job of keeping dirt out. I made a few runs in a horrible sandy type arena. There was ZERO sand in the back boots. Very impressed.

I have sold all my other boots and strictly use these!

My only complaint is that the labeling inside the boot comes off easily (that says size and leg). I always gently wash mine by hand.

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You should try some European options if you don’t like SMB design. I’ll not say that SMB design are bad as they provide good coverage. If you’re still searching for better boots then you should go through this horse boots article. I liked this article as there are many sports boots available along with the reviews.