2yo WB/TB with Navicular Lollipops

Shopping for an affordable jumper/eventer prospect. I found an athletic 2yo Hanoverian/TB gelding in my budget. Seller disclosed previous buyer passed due to navicular lollipops discovered on X-ray. Reading material seems to indicate this is an outdated signal and doesn’t necessarily predispose horse for navicular syndrome. Seems people are more comfortable with this finding in an older horse in regular work that is not exhibiting any soundness issues. I have no experience with navicular issues Have had heartbreak from neurologic, stifle oa, dsld, fetlock oa, (in different horses) but not navicular. Yet.

Thoughts on this finding in a 2yo?

Neither me nor the seller have access to these rads, would need to have vet out to take new films.

Seller needs to invest in rads and provide them for review. I passed on one who ended up going from very sound to very not within a few years. For a two year old I would want them squeaky clean. You may decide 3 years down the road the horse dont your type of ride and you’ll lose a lot of potential buyers over sketchy feet.


I think there is some evidence of mild navicular changes on radiographs in WB breeds not meaning much. In that they can be common and often don’t turn into anything. But I guess the next question is, are these changes “mild”? And does the closeness of TB blood matter?