4 Star Trailer Ramp - slippery

Hi all, I have a new, 2 horse straight load 4 Star (I’ve had several and love the trailers) w a ramp. This ramp has a different type of rubber on it (sort of like rubber Astro turf) than my others have had. My horse slips when he is getting off. A friend who also has a new 4 Star has the same problem. I called my dealer who was wonderful. If I bring it in, they will remove the rubber, weld cleats to the ramp and replace the rubber at no charge. Is anyone familiar w this ramp type? My other trailers had rubber with horizontal raised areas on the rubber itself. Thank you. nh

I was going to suggest adding cleats, so I would take them up on that offer.

But make sure they are spaced correctly… seems like I saw an article or paper by Temple Grandin with some info on this. They shouldn’t be too far apart, or the horse will still slip.

Many people simply add wooden cleats over top of the rubber and replace them as needed.

Thank you. I’ll look for that article as I wondered about that.

I think I found the paper/article but it didn’t give measurements for spacing. Does anyone know what the industry standard might be for the distances between cleats? I’m assuming 4 Star knows that, but I do not want to take a chance. Thank you.

Mine is a 2015 but I think I have the same surface. The ramp can be quite steep, especially my side ramp, but I haven’t had this issue at all. One reason I chose it over Sundowner was the bad reputation about Sundowner ramps being slippery. You could buy a cocomat and lay that down in the meantime.


I have had lots of problems with my 4-Star but a slippery ramp isn’t one of them. I’d probably take the dealer up on their offer if I did have the issue though.

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I’m happy to buy a coco mat, but I’m not sure how to use it. When I’ve seen them in use, it’s been on a big van and the mat has gone into the van and the horse walks out forward. How do I keep it from rolling up under his hind feet if he’s “feeling his way” out? Or, am I now just over the top w worry? Thank you!