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5 picnic hacks through the Cheshire Hunt countryside in Unionville, Pa

5 picnic hacks through the Cheshire Hunt countryside in Unionville, Pa, led by me. I can mount an intermediate or above rider who is under 180 pounds, or they can ride their own horse.
Laurels Forge Farm (see website www.laurelsforge.com for location of rides)

Would you be willing to do one group ride with 5 people if they all have there own horses??

BID $50

can you clarify

are these 5 separate auctions, one for each hack? or a package of 5?

regardless, i bid $60

1 auction

This is one auction for 5 separate hacks.
email the donater directly (through their website) if you would like to see if she will customize the hack package to suit your needs

Bid: $70

Bid: $80

Bid: $90

I can do one person on 5 hacks or 5 people on one hack. Whatever works for the highest bidder .-mbj

I’ll do $100.

Hmmm…that’s not far from Fair Hill…and I’ll be up that way early Spring…could take Charlieo and a couple of other friends with me…


oh well, i can’t resist


I can customize as separate hacks or multiple people together on one or two hacks, etc. I only have one “guest” horse, however, so can only mount one person on any given hack.


but you could do 5 people on their own horses in 1 hack, right?

If you ride your own horse, I can certainly do 5 people on one hack.

This sounds lovely!

you a right about that - I bid $175.00

mbj - I couldn’t find a contact for you on your web site - can you do all days in a row?

probably,depending on the dates and time. I am a therapist and can schedule my time according to need, but I also take a friend to weekly treatments. Are you wanting to use your own horse or ours? If ours, it would need to be a week he wasn’t competing, or if you are an advanced rider I could mount you on other horses as well.

Contact: cell 610.999.3303
e-mail babette@laurelsforge.com

Wish I was back in that area for this… Its so beautiful up there! -Shea.

I’ll bid $200, sounds lovely