5 Star Pads

Pros/cons of 5 Star pads please. Are they worth the price? Any comparable pads that you like better?

Thanks so much!

I once had a 5 Star pad, and I really liked it. I gave it away because it was the wrong size/shape for my new custom saddle. I bought a cheaper saddle pad from the saddle manufacturer because I knew it would fit my new saddle, but when it wears out I’ll probably buy another 5 Star. And for what it’s worth, everyone I know who has a 5 Star pad really likes it.

As to whether it’s better than other comparable pads, I don’t know. I think it would depend on how much and what kind of riding you do. If you’re just doing occasional short weekend trail rides a cheaper pad would probably do just as well. On the other hand, if your horse is into heavy work, paying for the 5 Star quality is probably worth it.


My personal favorite pads are the Diamond Wool Comfort Cutter, they have a really nice contour to stay off the withers, are super durable, can use for showing, easy-ish to clean. Love them.

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I don’t know of any “cons”. It’s all I own. My oldest pad is about 9 years old. Still looks great and it has been used hard. They hold up, clean up well (I use a pressure washer once or twice a year), and are worth the price.

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They’re expensive, but really nice. I have two that are several years old and they’re great. I have a friend who has a wool SPH pad and it’s nice, too. If you want a less expensive option of a wool pad, check your farm and ranch store. The ones near me have store branded pads for less than the 5-star.

I LOVE. my 5 Star, it’s held up to years of use and abuse, and still looks and feels good. Sadly at 3/4” thick I can’t use it with my current horse. I did list it for sale, but was glad when my friend ask to borrow it. It’s being used, I would now feel guilty about listing it for sale, and now I get to ride her horse as well, so I’m using it again.

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I bought 5Star, CSI, and then SPHgear. I kept the SPH pad because of it’s big wither split that makes it so easy to adjust and pull up into the pommel area.

The quality of the wool is the same in all three and they are very good. Strangely, the CSI pad fit the worst and I was expecting it to be the best. CSI was good about the return though.


I love the 5-Star pads. I have four in different colors. I find them more dense than other wool pads and less scratchy.

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