60 inch curb reins?

I need some help finding brown 60 inch half inch curb reins. I want them sewn not buckled together. I am being silly but I want to use them with my pelham with my plaited reins. TIA

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I would call Tenney’s Custom Saddlery in Zephyrhills, FL and see if Kathryn can help.

(I have not shopped there in the years since we moved away, but I have several of her pieces from back then and they are still gorgeous.)

You are not being silly.
I hope you find the reins.

Black Diamond designs owned my Amy Magee… Her leather goods are beautiful quality. Shes one of the side saddle gurus- and we all show in double bridles so long curb reins are par for the course!


Bartville Harness in Christiana, PA would make them for you. Over the years they have done special orders for me.

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ordered and shipping tomorrow. thanks for the suggestion. I am about to interact with Oregon Ladies Aside!