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7 Year Old OTTB with Arthritis in Hocks - Cunean Tenectomy or Arthramid?

Hi all,

I just purchased a 7yo OTTB gelding. He is a spectacular mover, his gaits feel like riding a bouncy cloud, and his lineage indicates that he has serious sporthorse potential (Marquetry, Prime Timber, etc.). However…he has mild arthritis in one hock and mild-moderate arthritis in the other hock, which right now only shows with a slight shortening of the stride on one leg. He’s been off the track for 10 months and had absolutely zero maintenance for this issue.

I was originally looking for a project to hopefully become a 3’6" jumper, but I know that this is not realistic for this horse. His price was low enough that I felt I could put a fair amount of money into getting him comfortable and sound and then maybe turn him into a 2’6"-2’9" hunter or foxhunter. He had 48 starts on the track so I knew he would have wear and tear. We did PPE including xrays on hocks, so I knew what I was buying. I plan on immediately beginning Pentosan and Actiflex 4000. I am very open to Legend and Adequan and IA injections if that doesn’t work. All of this will be in conjunction with Chiro, Acupuncture, and Bodywork. Vet says time will tell how much he can handle on a proper maintenance plan.

Has anyone has tried a Cunean Tenectomy or Arthramid injections with any success returning them to jumping?