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9 Year Old Wins the Man o' War


brings back way distant memories of Kelso…Yay for him!


That horse is incredible because he has had so many major setbacks that should have ended his career. Yet he keeps coming back better than he was before!

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Did you see the photo for place? Five across the track!


Yes, it was a good race. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Red Knight is a handsome guy. He has a good pedigree and looks like he’d make a good sport horse.

They don’t say anything about his temperament in the article. He might have been a handful as a colt and gelding was the way to go. Although, looking at his Dam’s produce record, she had 6 colts and 1 filly and all of the colts were gelded.

I guess it’s more likely that her owner just preferred to geld his colts than it is that the mare produced 6 unmanageable colts, but who knows?

Anyway, I think he’s a handsome guy and it’s too bad that he can’t make some sport horse babies. :slightly_smiling_face:

The owner/breeder said afterwards that when Red Knight retires from racing that he’s is going to become ???'s (don’t remember name, but daughter? wife?) hunter/jumper.


Frankly I think he deserves a retirement to a green pasture after he is done racing, which he is sure good at. @Texarkana mentions he has had “setbacks” --I don’t know what they were, but if they were soundness issues, I wonder if hunter/jumper is a good idea. Certainly the horse owes his owners nothing.

I read the same thing as @RHdobes563. Apparently he’s the type of horse who loves to work. I say kudos to his owner for knowing his horse so well and being so proactive with his future. It sounds like his owner has had plans for him every step of the way, yet Red Knight keeps rewriting the plans in the best of ways.