911! Broken Horn (in SoCal) is closing. 911!

The headline says it all.

Any reports from those with boots on the ground?

For the rest of you: Broken Horn Saddlery is a family-owned, 60 year tack store in Baldwin Park, CA (Southeast of L. A.). They had English and Western tack and saddle makers for both types. They made saddles and tack and even had an on-site silversmith. You could get Mexian Rodeo tack as well as everything from Western working tack to show tack.

I’m so bummed that I’m not on the West Coast for one last visit.

We went out today to do one last shopping trip. I’ve been going to Broken Horn since I was a kid (decades times infinity). I won’t lie, I got a little emotional making that last purchase. It was a little overwhelming to see all of the stock in the main section of the store. And most of the leather goods are gone, outside of a few consignment saddles that are still on the floor. This weekend was the last that the saddlemaker was onsite. I wish I had hung on to my mom’s BH show saddle now…

I am hearing that the hospital next door is taking the land back to build a parking structure. BH is supposed to be moving somewhere and is being taken over by someone outside of the family that has been running it forever. No news about who and where yet, and I am just hearing that in my circles, not verified. Not sure if that will even happen, or if the saddlery will go with it. (would be great if someone could post if they know the deets). It’s an end of an era in the SoCal equestrian world.

Wow, that sight would’ve been depressing! You could spend all day inside, going from room to room: English, western, supplements and stable supplies, clothing, boots, leather purses, casual outerwear, pet care, etc. Visiting BH with a credit card was dangerous. There is absolutely nothing like it in Arizona. And now it doesn’t even exist any more in California. :cry:

It used to be known as Broken Wallet, LOL.


The store is supposedly moving to another location with new owners, according to their own FB post. No more details as of yet.

I went for the last time a few eeks ago. All the stock fitting in the main room was jaw dropping beacause that place was huge.


Friends went out on the first day when it was 10% off and reported long lines and nostalgia. More recently there has been a report that they are all out of fly spray.

I’ve heard that there are new owners that will be relocating it. Somewhere.

Sadly, I’ve been somewhat disappointed during most visits over the last few years. Stock isn’t what it used to be (as in no black field boots in my not-too-uncommon size in spring 2019, and I had the impression that they didn’t have many sizes) and prices weren’t all that great on general horse supplies.

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Am skeptical new owners can ever duplicate what BH offered with its traditional saddle making and silversmithing. Oh, they can rack boots and stack jeans and display ready made brands but watching a basket weave pattern being carved in new leather, a bosal being braided and silver engraved likely will not be offered.


I have never been there.

I wish I hadn’t sold my used, older (made in the 1980-1990’s) custom made Broken Horn western saddle. Best western saddle ever.