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A Caring Vet is Worth a Million Bucks

We had to put down one of our awesome older endurance horses this week from a sudden spread of cancer. We live far out in the country, and our regular mobile vet came out, one who knows all of our horses well, and all of us. He wasn’t in a rush, he wasn’t emotional nor was he brusque; he was part of the whole thing - as a vet, a friend to us, a friend to the horse. He tranq’d the horse, laid him down gently, eased him off gently. (The horse was a forever horse of the woman I work for, and I knew him for 8+ years.)

I can’t say enough about this good, caring vet, who made this devastating blow easy as it could be on us and this wonderful horse. A caring vet is worth a million bucks.


So very true and I’m very thankful for mine :).

Amen and ditto… I am so blessed to have a husband/wife team. Dr. Mike has pulled my Percheron through two serious events in the last 12 months and always has a kind pat & soft words for her.

Dr. Rose is just as loving & kind and cried with me the day we put Star down.

Our ancient Shetland was dying. Our vet came and did what he could and then we sat around in the dark with a light on the end of a long cord, watching her. He stayed until he thought he could not help her and then put her down. I loved that man. He had that rare combination of compassion and professionalism.

I have the best team I can find around me, from vet to farrier and they communicate and I trust them all.

We, too, are blessed with a great vet(s)/ farrier team - can’t express how thankful we are to have them. From pulling Willie through his three surgeries and two founders and controlling his Cushings to making putting our 26 year old TB down this fall tolerable - don’t know what we would do without them!

Our vet is an amazing person. She is there for you every step of the way and when the tough decisions are to be made she is so supportive.
God bless the people who go into it for the right reasons…

I have a wonderful caring vet too. When my Bluey broke his femur, I called the vet. He had clinic duty, but when I told him it was a catastrophic injury, he called another vet in to cover and flew to my place.

Laura - when did bluey do that ? I am so sorry ! You indeed do have an excellent vet team.

I love the clinic I use. They are awesome in so many ways, from knowing my voice when I call(that might be a bad thing, I call so often), to cutting me a break on the day charge when our aged pony had to spend 10 days at the clinic when she had a flair up of her copd. They have been there for us for three euth’s, with tears, and hugs and so much compassion. Handling the dead stock removal for me so I didn’t have to call myself, and having the bill sent to them so I didn’t have to go out to pay the guy by cheque(no cc accepted by our removal company.) The clinic takes the stress out of everything, and I trust them.
That said, it does make a difference in that I consider myself to be a good client. I pay on time and never owe money.I know they would carry my bill if it came to that, and that gives me piece of mind. I’ve been with them for years, and that counts too.
Many horse people change vets, farriers, hay guys, feed stores all the time and never build up a relationship with these very important players in the horse keeping world. You get what you give. My clinic has a list on their counter, a shame list of clients they will no longer deal with, for whatever reason. It’s pretty interesting to see so many well known in the area names… it’s like posting the bounced cheque on the wall. I think it’s hilarious, and I always joke that I never want to be “on the list”.

Good vets are worth their weight in gold. Mine handled a dystocia at 3 am no questions because they know if I call and say someone needs to be here now it is something significant. Otherwise I tell them just come by when you are in the area which makes it easier on them. I try to be an easy client, pay my bills promptly, not be high drama, and make their lives easier that when they call and say they are on their way I have the horse up and waiting for them. They deal with me with complete care and compassion including not charging me when we had to euth the dystocia mare due to uterine issues (forget the exact term at the moment but came out and they had to put back in). She went into shock and became paralyzed on one side a horrible experience. In all my foalings never seen one go so wrong. He told me “don’t expect a bill, this isn’t what we do”. And hugged and cried with me afterwards. His compassion never ceases to amaze me. He wanted to save her as much as I did and showed his human side when it was obvious we couldn’t. I will always remember that. That is why I love my vet. If you have a good one hang on to them tightly because they are priceless.

A great vet will make the hardest decision, the right one. And make you feel at peace with it. :sadsmile:
Can’t teach that at vet school!