A little brag if I may

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I went to a schooling show today, my second live (as opposed to virtual) show with this horse in the 4 years I’ve had him. When I bought him he was round pen, w/t green. Today, I showed at 3rd level, first time ever in my riding career!!

We scored a 61.7 at Third 1 and a 63.5 at Third 3!!! I am beyond proud of both him and myself and ever so thankful to my fabulous trainer who has stuck with me for these many, many years through a number of difficult and less than suitable horses.

BTW, my pony is an Andalusian, 11 years old, black gelding.

I just had to brag :slight_smile:


Brag away! That’s absolutely amazing! Congratulations!! :trophy: :trophy:

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Congrats! What a huge accomplishment

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Congratulations, wow! That is a huge accomplishment! :brown_heart:

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Congratulations! There’s a lot to be proud of there.

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Awesome! Congratulations :tada:

So awesome!! Congrats, that’s a huge accomplishment.

Well done! You should be proud of yourself - and your PRE boy! :two_hearts:

I think we need some pics, please. I want to see that black Andalusian if nothing else! And congrats, third isn’t easy, and those are looooong routines!

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Here is a great head shot from the other day. I have to figure out how to move some short videos from facebook and/or what’s app to my laptop so I can upload them.


figured it out. This is a short video clip from a clinic back in June. We were working on the start of canter pirouettes.