A new more effective helmet?

Did GPA make a safer more effective helmet? I was browsing a european tack site and they had the First Lady 4S helmet with new redline technology listed. There also is a Speed Air 4S version. Has anyone ever heard of it?

It’s not the prettiest looking helmet, but if my brain is truly better protected; I don’t care what it looks like! The concept seems interesting, but is it a truly superior helmet to every other one on the market?


here is a US shop that carries it: http://www.farmhousetack.com/gpa-first-lady-4s-red-line-helmet/

here is Tiffany Foster wearing the helmet: https://www.facebook.com/161270147230172/photos/a.749850371705477.1073741827.161270147230172/981578788532633/?type=1&theater

I don’t know about this helmet specifically, but I know that in the last 10 years, “thanks” to the Global War on Terror, we have made huge strides in the technology of protecting the brain, so it is certainly possible that someone has improved upon the previous helmets. I’d be interested to actually handle one of those and see how it’s made.

The EU just passed regulations that require competition helmets to be even safer. Everyone over there is still a little confused, but basically (BS)EN1384 helmets will not be allowed in competition anymore. All i know is that the new helmets are thicker, and supposedly safer. I am sure someone currently showing in Europe would be more enlightening.

I was just doing some more research and this link has a picture of the inside of the helmet as well as some other angles.

[QUOTE=blonderider;8185369]I was just doing some more research and this link has a picture of the inside of the helmet as well as some other angles.

Wow, that is padded! It makes our helmets look flimsy in comparison. I wonder if it actually helps.