A/P English Saddle

Hi all,

I am in the market for a new A/P English Saddle and while I have done a lot of research on my own I am in the need of some advice. I am 5’0" (so pretty short) and last year went through a spinal fusion. I got the OK to ride from my physician, so all is well there. My horse, or rather pony, is a Welsh/Morgan cross mare standing 14 hands and requires a medium tree. She has a nice topline to her and is very athletic. I do some jumping, but not like I use to in my 20’s. Mostly now I just hack around and do trail rides. I have an old Stubben that I love, but it is a wide tree and therefore does not fit my mare.

I am in the market for a used saddle. I would like one that is good for shorter riders, has a deep seat, and provides a comfortable seat. Obviously I would like it to also be comfortable for my girl as well.

Any suggestions are appreicated. Thank you in advance!

Look for a Stubben Roxane VSS with a Biomex seat (not the Roxane S; that is a jumping saddle with big, forward flaps). The VSS is the all-purpose model. It has short flaps, is extremely comfortable, very suitable for jumping or trail riding, and has a deep seat. The Biomex seat is perfect for someone with back problems. I don’t know what width to recommend; talk to a Stubben saddle fitter.

The problem will be finding one like this used. You can find the Roxane VSS used, but the ones with Biomex are less common. I bought one recently just like this (I am also 5’0") but broke down and bought a brand new one through my Stubben fitter. I couldn’t be happier with it. If you want to see pictures of my saddle, look on the “newer Stubben” thread.

County eventer, hands down. Maybe I’m just weird, but I’ve never found any Stubben particularly comfortable. Now even with a fancy bio-mex seat.

Thank you both. I do love a Stubben saddle and I have looked into the Country saddles as well. Have either of you had any experience with a Berney Brothers saddle?

No, sorry. Good luck in your saddle search!

The Thorowgood T8 Compact GP would probably be a great option, if you’d consider partial synthetic: http://www.thorowgood.com/t8-saddles/item/21-t8-compact-gp#.VZJ0j63BzGc

They actually market it quite a bit to short riders.

I don’t have personal experience, but have heard through the grapevine the Berney Bros do not have the most comfortable seats, so perhaps not the best for someone w/ back problems. Could be mistaken though.

It would be helpful to have photos of your horse side and top and price range before offering advice on what saddle might work.