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A Question About Cat Toy Boxes and Playhouses

I’m looking for suggestions for a playhouse for a cat. She will be 2 in December and plays like a kitten. Last night she got into a box and scooted it all around the living room floor.
Her person would like to give her a second box to play in too. Should it be taped shut and a door cut in one side? Windows? Holes through which to fish for toys?

I remember the great posts here about cats with nacho trucks and other “playhouse” type toys but I cannot find them, and the Search function isn’t working today.

If you know of any ways to make a good cat playhouse, or where we can find a “food truck” type box, please post here!

Target is a great source for the pre-made cardboard houses.
My sister and I “treasure hunt” in the holiday clearance stuff for them.

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have you looked at chewy?

Target supplied this.

I did buy one holiday-themed thing that was impossibly flimsy to assemble so some of their stuff is belter than others.


Aldi has things like that pretty regularly.


Thanks, everyone!

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I got this from target online for $15. My cats love that there is a scratcher pad on the top and the bottom. Lots of fun for the price and adds to seasonal decor.

ETA: yes holes cut in the sides are lots of added fun for peeping or sticking a paw out to sneak attack.


We have been having lots of adventures thru the peephole.
Pretty blue-and-white kitty!

Off now to target.com