A Similar Saddle Topic - Open seat/low cantle

I’m about to embark on a saddle search (sigh). Before I start bringing in saddles and a fitter to see what suits Mr. Sensitive, I’d like to get some advice on what would work for me.

I’ve been riding dressage for many years, and hunt seat before that. I’ve aged into my 70s since the last time I saddle shopped, and I’ve now got a stiff right hip. This makes it harder for me to get my leg over the saddle when mounting.

I’d love some suggestions on brands/models that have a low cantle. Horse seems to prefer wool flocking and non-point billet. I normally ride in a 17.5 seat, normal to short flap.

Thanks in advance for suggestions. I’m open to both new and used.

What is the shape of your horse? That will help me tailor my suggestions.

We’re going to have to work with a fitter to determine that. For now I’m just seeking suggestions on what would work for me to narrow down the field.

Well, the ultimate in flat seats is a Tad Coffin CCD.

I also like lower cantors and Neidersuss saddles can be had very cheaply in the used market. Also nice for the shorter legged among us.

At the complete opposite end of the price spectrum; I have been riding in an Aviar Rook and it is the only saddle I can truly say has disappeared underneath me while riding.

Is he narrow/angler or flat and round? Certain brands fit types of horses better than others.

saddle brands that tend to have lower cantles: Black Country, Frank Baines, some of the albions. Basically old school British.

Stay away from the flashy modern type with deep seats. Deeper the seat= taller cantle

Lovatt & Ricketts Cambridge looks to have a fairly low cantle. I’ve been scouring the internet for a candidate used saddle lately and know I’ve seen a few others, but the names are escaping me right now.

When I had my Black Country built, shaving down the cantle was an option that was offered. Their Eden model is a more open/low cantle design out of the box.

Here’s a picture:

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On him from that picture, my first thought would be Black Country with native tree or a Ryder Panamera. Some companies will even shorten the cantle, however it will probably affect how the saddle feels to you.

The ancient Passier I bought off eBay isn’t very deep. Minimal padding and no blocks, which makes it feel more open to me. Just had it narrowed and relocked so now it’s a custom for us.

A lot of the older saddles have more open seats and lower cantles, but they also tend to have less padding in the seat, and narrower channels for the spine. Passier, Kieffer, Stubben

Some brands also have current models with flatter seats, and therefore lower cantles: Amerigo, Butet, CWD, Devoucoux.