AA Motion Lite shad?

Does anyone have one? After being quite anti-mesh for quite sometime, I tried on a few mesh coats yesterday and am hooked. I’ll be shopping the small-business Saturday sales next week. But this has opened the door to a shad that I could actually wear in the dead of summer and not die in. Is the AA Motion Lite shadbelly hunter-appropriate? It seems to be marketed as a dressage coat and has interchangeable tail weights (I assume this means weight can be completely removed?), but is advertised in some places as a “multi-discipline” jacket. I have not seen it up close so I am unable to judge for myself.

For those who may suggest the RJ mesh shad, their soft-shell shad fit me horribly in the shoulder/chest area. So unless their mesh shads fit way better than the soft-shell, those likely won’t work. Again, no shads locally to try on so I am basing things strictly off of the standard coats that are in stock at my only local tack shop.

I have not seen AA’s shad up close, so I’m not helpful there, BUT I did come to recommend RJ’s mesh shad. Their coats normally fit me terribly, and that coat fits like a glove. I look like a sausage casing in their soft shell, but the moment I tried on the mesh shad, I knew I had to have it, sooooo maybe worth a try anyway?

That’s a good point. I did try on the RJ mesh coats and they fit great. I just like the fit of the AA just a tad more. So perhaps if the mesh shad fits like their mesh coat, it would probably work.

Now that I think about it, my only RJ wool coat had to be altered to make it fit. Whereas all my Marigolds fit right off the shelf. So I’m not an odd fit, RJs just don’t work off the shelf. But this whole new (to me) mesh world has opened up some new opportunities.

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I forgot to ask, I assume the RJ shad is hunter appropriate? The only shad I have ever bought is a Marigold, specifically stating it was a hunter coat rather than dressage coat. Aside from the kind of buttons and presence/absence of tail weights, I don’t know that I could tell the difference between the two…

Yep, pretty sure the RJ is made for hunters specifically!

I have the AA Motionlite shadbelly & love it. I only wore it once (my first & probably only hunter derby). I received many compliments. I was actually thinking of selling it. Message me if you’re interested. It’s a size small in navy.

I’m like 99% sure trainer won’t approve of navy, but I absolutely want one. I am also a size small. I’ll ask when I visit tomorrow. But I’m pretty sure she’ll require black.

How does the shad fit in relation to the regular show coat? I am interested in the shad but would have to order it, any insight would be helpful!

I don’t have the shad but I have 2 of the jackets. They are the BOMB. Super comfortable, wash well, and they don’t look mesh at all. I will be getting the shad when the time comes.

I find they fit big, so size down if you are at all worried.

They also have the longest arms known to man!