Aafco approved dry dog food or what should I feed?

I have searched this and still am confused about which dry dog foods are actually not ‘junk’ and are rather beneficial - ? recs please ? is there a certain label on the packaging I should look for to indicate a “good” food ? Thanks

  • Purina recent recall Vitamin D toxicity - so No Purina please

Over a decade ago when I fed my (then young) dog a kibble, I defaulted to these brands:

Taste of the Wild and Zingature were my go to and used these for a few years before I switched to a full raw/freeze dried food.

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For US brands, I second Taste of the Wild. It is one of the top ten recommended brands in Australia (by Pet Food Reviews). Both our dogs and cats love it.

For the Aussies interested, I feed Lifewise. 1/3 kibble, 2/3 fresh/raw. It is cheaper than TOTW (as it is local), and got a higher rating (but not by much!). I use TOTW in a small rotation.

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We feed taste of the Wild. Love Orijen, but just got too expensive with 4 dogs.

Fed nutrisouce for years.

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Thank you for all your posts - now I will go looking for these foods and we will try them out. Appreciate your insight.