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Abler vs Generic Omeprazole


No. Clearly stated at your links:

Abler packet: 700 mg

Racehorsemeds: 2.28 g

Abler has a little thing on their site to determine how many packets your horse needs. It’s on the main product page.


You linked to the packet of Abprazole - it’s not a tube.

Abler packets are dosed at X packets per X amount of horse weight. Common is 3 packets.

Racehorsemeds is akin to a tube of Gastro/Ulcergard, at 2.28gm

What IS comprable is the AbGard, which is the omeprazole paste (and maybe what you intended to link to, since you said “tube”), where 1 tube contains 2.28gm omeprazole.

The Abprazole, which is the blue granules, aka “blue poprocks” are 2.28gm TOTAL of a packet/satchel, but the amount of omeprazole is 700mg, or .7gm.

2.28gm omeprazole = 1 tube Gastro/Ulcergard = 1 tube AbGard = 1 tube Racehorsemeds, and != 1 packet Abprazole

Thanks for your responses. I did mean (and say) “one abler packet