Acavallo Sensitive Bits

I recently saw these bits at a tack shop, they look interesting as I’m looking for a bit for my horse who tends to be heavy/lean and has a rather dull mouth so while he’s more on the lazy side, I like knowing I have brakes for the times he wakes up.

I just ordered one and it should be here by the end of the week. I selected it because my horse is super sensitive. Will come back and let you know how he likes it!

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They have good reviews, but be sure to inspect it thoroughly before each ride. They are reinforced with steel cable in the middle. If the plastic material is compromised in any way on any part of the mouthpiece you run the risk of that steel cable being exposed, which will cause immense pressure because it’s so thin. I’ve also seen someone snap one of these in half with regular usage. Probably a fluke, but a scary one.

Also, since the cheek “rings” don’t move, they are completely fixed to the mouthpiece, the mechanics will be different than a standard snaffle with a dee ring cheek. It will do a lot more pushing on the opposite side, like a fixed shank leverage bit would, than a standard dee ring snaffle would.