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Acceptable or not? Bates Elevation DS

So I’m looking for a new saddle, and while looking at saddle in Heaven (Dover) I absolutely fell in love with the Bates Elevation Deep Seat Saddle. I do hunters and jumpers and would have to use the saddle for both, and the ladies helping me were saying how the deep seat wasn’t desirable in the hunter ring but I’ve had others tell me that the type of saddle was my choice. So I was wondering if it mattered if i used the saddle in the hunters as well as jumpers?

Saddle: {http://www.batessaddles.com/the-bates-range/jumping-saddles/bates-elevation-ds-plus-saddle/}

I use it in hunters. I love it!

First, can you take the saddle on trial?

Second (If first is applicable) Does it fit your horse? Does it fit you? If you can answer both of those questions as a yes, then consider it. If you honestly feel you can ride correctly, it fits your horse, and you therefor ride better than whatever current saddle you have…There are always plus/minus, the deeper seat in the hunter ring/ having the security in the jumper ring/ how high are you jumping or plan on jumping? (Deeper seat does affect that)

That being said, for that $$$ you could find a really nice, good quality higher end used saddle, which is what I’d advise.

That saddle would have no problem in the hunter ring or the jumper ring. It would be fine in either.

Definitely don’t take anything someone says at Dover to heart. I know some people there are quite knowledgeable, but a lot aren’t.

This can be applied to everything in the horse world actually!

Definitely, resoundingly, no! It does NOT matter at all if you use that saddle in hunters or jumpers.

I agree with yellowbritches.