Ad for The Movement on H&C

Anyone else seeing the FB ad for “The Movement” on H&C? I keep wondering, why is he pushing on the horse’s flank with a swiffer mop? What is that thing and what is he doing?

Now that everyone knows Join-Up is BS, he needs a new gimmick?


I’ve seen that too and been curious, but refuse to click on it. I despise anything Monty Roberts and don’t want FB to think I like him and want to see more of his crap. .

Silly Rabbits!
Obviously he’s cleaning the horse :roll_eyes:
And possibly collecting from the Swiffer folks :money_mouth_face:

I am sorry MR has gone so far down the $$$ hole.

Many years ago - 25+ - my Dad drove me & DH to Flag Is Up farm in Buellton.
Only the first book - The Man Who Listens to Horses - had been published.
Our Dressage trainer was a fan.
So long ago there was zero security & we wandered the property freely.
I still have the memory of my Dad stroking the nose of a horse in a stall. :heart_eyes:
We saw the covered round pen - then an innovation - and noticed a crowd gathered.
At the center was Himself, answering questions. Probably a good 1/2h before an employee told Monty he was wanted back at the house for lunch.

Years later I went to one of his touring shows & was pretty disappointed to see how commercialized the program had become.
Unimpressed by his work with a couple horses whose “problems” seemed contrived.
And dismayed by the number of branded & overpriced products being touted & sold to Believers. :unamused: