Adam vs Gore

Shopping for a used 2-horse straight load.Local dealer has a Gore and an Adam. similar in age, Gore is 7’6" tall and Adam is 7’4". Gore is only 6’ wide. Adam is 6’9 wide.Gore looks to be in much better condition, the price is a hair more.
Anyone have any opinions?

In looking both up online they seem to both make a decently built, nice looking trailer. I liked the Gore trailers myself, but I guess it all boils down to do you need extra width?

I’ve had both brands in a 2h bumper pull. The Adam was a lighter trailer while the Gore was heavier. I’d probably chose a Gore over an Adam if all the other specs were the same. They were both good trailers.

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two 16.2 WB’s that travel well together. But the only trailer I’ve seen them on was a QH size slant that they definitely didn’t fit in. We are going to look at them thursday if they don’t sell tomorrow lol

I’d choose Gore over Adams. I have a friend who has an old Gore and it looks great. I have another friend w a 3 year old Adams with all kinds of little things wrong w it.

How big are your horses? Those 6’ width Gores are narrow. A friend has one and her big horse can’t ride in it, the horse can’t get its feet spread wide enough to balance.

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My friend w the Gore (6’) hauled her 16.3 HH big bodied TB in hers. I hope this is helpful somehow.

Two 16.2 warmbloods to me scream for the wider trailer.

For what it’s worth, I have a few-year old Adams trailer and it’s great. And lots of folks around here have them and they are well loved/hold up well.

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I don’t know Gore, but I bought a 2016 Adam last year, 2h straight load with dressing room, extra tall, extra wide. It has performed very well and I often get compliments on it.

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thanks everyone. we are going tomorrow, if they are both still there I’ll be able to tell in person



The Adam was really beat up, and was a steel frame aluminum skin. Every bit of steel you could see was rusty.
The Gore was in perfect shape. We brought it home and will try the horses on it next week. if they think its too small we will re-sell and keep looking.


Late to the discussion, but glad you went with the Gore. They are very nice trailers and age extremely well.

Also late to the game and it sounds like you made a good choice in the Gore, since it was in better shape.

That said, I bought a 2 or 3 year old used Adams trailer in 2008. I sold it a few years ago for what I paid for it. It got a moderate amount of use, but still looked almost as good as when I bought it. So, if you do decide to trade in the Gore, don’t discount Adams entirely. They can be good trailers if well cared for.

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