Adding a Liner to Fly Sheet

My horse’s new weatherbeeta fly sheet does not have a liner in the shoulder/wither area, and it is starting to cause a wither rub. I’m thinking about adding a liner (similar to the one in the Horseware sheets) as opposed to buying a brand new sheet. Apart from the lack of liner, the current sheet seems to fit well. I think the rub is caused by the mesh fabric, and not a fit issue. Has anyone ever done this before? What material did you use, and where did you buy it? How well did it work/last? I’ve done basic repairs to turnout sheets/blankets, but never something like this. I don’t want to waste time and resources trying to fix it if others have already tried/failed. Thanks for any help!

I use a satin bib

I’d just get a Bossy Bib that way you can use it on other blankets if needed. These things truly do work! Worth every penny!

I’ll look into getting a bib. Thanks!