Adding Electrical Outlet to HORSE TRAILER Tack Area

Anyone have specific links for outlets/products for both interior and exterior?

well the question could be answered in a five year apprenticeship with a master electrician as the number of proper ways do what you asked are numerous.

We have a sub panel at the “barns” which then feeds a sub-panel for each barn (we have a five stall and a two stall barn). Each barn’s electrical is run from its sub panel.

For me, the easiest way to run another interior circuit would be use BX armored cable which is a flexible protected cable (the “armored” part is to deter rodents (RATS) chewing into the cable). The BX cable can be surfaced mounted with chips (usually every 24 inches…check code requirements) or run as one would NM cable. The new circuit would be in its own break. Be sure to calculate your load to insure you do not overload a panel or in our case the primary sub panel.

Exterior, there is NEMA4 waterproof conduits either rigid or flexible

However the usual “low cost/quick an easy” way is to go to the big box thing buy an extension cord then run it into the tack room

Call an electrician.

My electrician installed this sort of outlet in my barn, both inside and outside.

Sorry my title was not specific, still getting used to new format. I am wanting an outlet in the tack room of my HORSE Trailer.

when would you this outlet to function? I assume this to a 12 VDC power source?

How is that even possible? Is it run off a battery? Sorry, I know nothing about electricity and just had to ask.

120VAC yes it could be done (enter large dollar sign here) but I would think OP might be interested in remote power for a 12VDC product

You may be better off with a small inverter generator.

Since you mention an exterior plug, I assume you are talking about “RV wiring” where you plug into ‘shore power’ and then you have an outlet inside, or perhaps a hard-wired appliance.

I’m casually researching this in order to put a roof A/C in the horse trailer dressing room eventually.

This is one resource I’ve found:

An RV is not electrically the same as a house; when wiring an air conditioner, keep this in mind. In an RV, always wire the common and ground circuits separate and provide an isolated common circuit. If wired in the same manner as a house and there is a short circuit in any appliance, it is possible that the next person that touches the RV, while standing outside, will receive a severe shock.

This is not as complicated as everyone is making it out to be. It does take awhile to get familiar with what is out there, and terminology.

The important question is: what will you be using this for? For hooking up to 30/50amp service at a campground/showground? Or to be used with a battery? What will you power with it - coffee maker, charge a phone, a fan… etc.

You need a 30amp plug on the outside wall of your tack room, a breaker box on the inside, then metal conduit to your outlet.

An easier/cheaper method would be a RV hatch in the wall of your tackroom, then a heavy duty extension cord run through the hatch.

I have done both, the RV hatch was easier DIY because I just had to have someone cut a hole for the RV hatch. You can use both at showgrounds. If you want to hook up a bunch of things you need the 30amp plug and an electrician or someone capable because you’re messing with a lot of wiring.