Adding stirrup cages?

I’d love to figure out how to add stirrup cages (toe cages?) to my existing stirrups. Or, find new wide-track English stirrups that already have toe cages.

Currently, I have these stirrups: Composti Wide Track Stirrups

They fit my English saddle, they have a (somewhat) wide track, and they’re lightweight! I just want to add a cage to them. But I can’t seem to find an add–on?

I did come across these: Korsteel Polymer Stirrup Toe Cages Pair … but they’re not for a wide track stirrup, just standard width English.

What stirrups do you all like for your English saddles?

We have both the older style E-Z Ride Nylon stirrups and the newer Ultimate style with the more solid cage. I much prefer the older style cages. I have only heard negative feedback on the newest, slip on cages so have not bothered to buy any of those.

Maybe ask @tabula rashah what she uses?
I also use the Composti Wide Track Stirrups and I LOVE them. But I cannot see a way you could attach cages to them.

These are made for winter, but could probably be used anytime:

Ez ride tapaderos for me! I love how comfortable and secure they are and my knees don’t hurt!