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Adductor strain - healing timetable?

So I strained my right adductor in the stupidest way possible. WISH I could go back in time and not do what I did to strain it - head desk - but there is (alas) no time machine.

I did it a week ago last Sunday so it’s been about 11 days.

I was in the middle of a jump school, and my jump saddle has been sliding over to the right ever since the saddle fitter adjusted/reflocked it last winter. It was Hastilow, and I have had nothing but good experiences with them; have bought all but one of my saddles from them since I started my homebred mare (briefly at 3 1/2 and then in more regular work at 4 - I got a Thorowgood A/P which worked well as her first saddle, then at 5 I got her two separate saddles for dressage and jumping.)

Both my dressage and jump saddles are Hastilows with flexible trees - the jump saddle is a monoflap. I love them both, and so does my mare! She goes great in them, no issues.

They have re-flocked my dressage saddle a couple of times and it was a bit overdue; they did a fabulous job re-flocking it and it sits in beautiful balance. I had only had the monoflap reflocked once and have had it for 2-3 years, but I only ride in it once a week and my mare is not in work 12 months a year - so it doesn’t get a ton of use and wasn’t in “dire need.” The fitter put more flocking in and I believe? adjusted the tree a bit, and it sat much better on my horse. Until it didn’t. Started sliding off to the right a few weeks (rides) after it had been adjusted, so I had the same fitter back out; she had me ride in it, adjusted it, had me ride in it again, was pleased. I was optimistic!, but to my dismay it started sliding off to the right again (I started using shims under the right side panels which helped a bit - and even sent photos and videos to the fitter.)

They sent a different fitter out the next time (my regular fitter from Hastilow), and she did the same things: looked at the fit, had me ride in it, adjusted it, had me ride in it, etc. Seemed good to go!, but NO…She suggested that I really tighten down the girth, but that didn’t help either - I know they are frustrated but I am too! I’m hoping this doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the saddle and that I need to replace it, but I will “cross that bridge” at some point. SIGH

Sorry for the lengthy backstory, but it clarifies things.

Anyway, I have been schooling and doing some competitions and “making it work” with the shims, but often have to stop, loosen the girth on the left side, move the saddle over by stepping into the left stirrup and shifting it over, then tightening the girth back up - sometimes several times per jump school. Ugh. It’s particularly disconcerting when it subtly shifts while I’m in the middle of a cross country course!

A week ago Sunday I was shifting it over (loosened the girth first), and decided to try to use my right upper thigh to “push” the saddle over to the left. Felt pain immediately in my right adductor/groin, and thought well CRAP! :confounded: (I had a Horse Trial the following weekend - first Recognized since 2022), but thought MAYBE! it’s just a mild strain and it would get better with rest and ice. Continued to jump and galloped around and popped over a few x-country fences, then put the ice pack from the cooler on it while driving home.

Got home and Googled, and Monday morning called the same Ortho who replaced my hip last May - saw him last Wednesday. He took an x-ray (can’t see soft tissue but he wanted to check the hip - it looked perfect!), and palpated/did range of motion: said it’s a strain and should resolve in a week or two - said if not I should do P/T, and gave me an order; also put me on Prednisone. Unfortunately it didn’t improve despite the Prednisone (and ice), and I did all the same exercising and stretching I always do which didn’t really cause pain. I tried to ride a few times just to check it, but it only didn’t hurt when I was walking - when I picked up the trot and posted, ouch. Obviously I scratched the HT.

I called and asked about an MRI, but they said “we would have you go through P/T regardless even if there was a tear”, hmmm. ONLY if I’m getting worse after several weeks of P/T would insurance approve it.

The Ortho doc had given me some sheets with exercises and stretches so I did a few of these on Friday - which made it worse! Went ahead and called the PT place they recommend and they didn’t have an appt. for two weeks, but I decided to Google around and found another place that actually was able to squeeze me in this week - so I went there for my first appt. yesterday.

They were great! Very impressed by the care and attention paid, the thoroughness of the exam, and the skill of the P/T who saw me and who actually did some subtle, gentle adjustments to my hips and pelvis (he said there were some restrictions and tightness and a twist) before putting me through some basic P/T core and strength exercises, then did some massage and put the TENS unit on it for 10-15 minutes - it felt considerably better today (it was quite painful and restricting when I first got up the previous day), though I am obviously still being very cautious and careful. Next appt. is tomorrow and I’m trying to get in there 2-3 times a week but insurance only covers 20 appts. per year.

Has anyone else gone through this, and what was your timetable for healing?

(FTR I did do a search and read some previous threads.) Also not sure what to do re: the saddle fitter because when I am riding again I’m obviously going to have the same issues - and I don’t have endless $$$ to keep having them out! The first appt. for the two saddles was $385 and I have had to pay for the $85 travel fee (but nothing else) for the two more recent appts., so that’s fair - but it’s getting pricey without a fix. DH wants to rip them a new one but I need them in future…

TIA for any thoughts or feedback!

I pulled mine in the saddle at a show in 2021 and it nagged me until I had to stop riding for 5 months last year for a shattered clavicle. I kept up with Physio, squats on the Bosu ball and then gentle yoga and none of that aggravated the groin. So, for me, I’m saying that staying active but out of the tack is what resolved it. I was just living and riding with the discomfort until then.

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