Adequan Canine given subcutaneously

Has anyone given their dog Adequan subcutaneously? If so, did you give it twice a week for 4 weeks or did you give it once every other week?

My vet gave me instructions that she recommended but I am just curious to see what others have done.

I did Cytopoint sub-q monthly. Why would you give adequan like that? Is your dog bad at pills? If so, try velveeta.

I asked my vet during the inital start of my senior dog’s Adequan injections if I could do them Sub-Q or IM at home and he said that its more effective the closer its injected into affected joint(s). So we go monthly for his shots.

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Every 4 days for 7 doses subcutaneous in a handful of neck scruff. Pretty easy. Seemed to help my guy considerably. I repeated the series about a year. Also good effect the second time. Good luck!

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SQ, canine or feline. In every instance I have had life improving results for the car or dog in question!

I also use my horses adequan and just adjust the dose ( my small animal vet is familiar with horse people and happily does the math for me lol)

I do not remember the frequency of the shots because it had to be over 10 years ago now, but I do remember that it was as @fourfillies described, SQ in the neck scruff.

It did amazing things for my dog.

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They now recommend the same sequence as in horses, and if course there’s a 1000 variations in between. I generally give it weekly 4x then monthly because that schedule is the perfect intersection of effective and likely to be remembered in a timely manner.