Adequan or Alternative?

I am researching the use of Adequan for a 3 year old in western pleasure training. I’m assuming there is no generic?

Most of the sources I’ve searched seem to be out of stock right now? I am wondering why this would be?

Is there a glucosomine compound or acetyl gluco. which is comparable to the use of Adequan?? I hear of this spoken of as possibly helpful and comparably used and much cheaper? Do any of you out there use it?
I am eagerly waiting for any helpful suggestions.
I think the Dressage riders have a step up on purity of use of all that is out there to help care for a horse’s joints as we ask them to work for us.
Thank you,

I recommend using the search function for pentosan, ichon, acetyl-d-glucosamine, polyglycan, and even adequan. There are tons of threads so you won’t have to wait for answers to trickle in on a Sunday night.

To answer your specific question, the lab that makes adequan got shut down until they made “improvements”. There is very limited supply at the moment.

The most commonly used alternative is pentosan. A couple of small studies actually showed it works better than adequan (and at a fraction of the cost!).

My first question would be why would a 3 year old need something as strong as adaquan? Maybe we could discuss your situation and your horse and see if we can brain storm another option?

Adequan is harmless (as far as we know), and may be good for helping repair the wear and tear of day-to-day training. I don’t know what’s “strong” about it. If you go to most dressage and H/J barns, those horses are maintained in Adequan or similar. Personally, if you have the funds I’d rather try something like this to try to stave off joint injections down the road. Western pleasure training can be a lot of repetitious pounding on the legs, and arthritis in younger horses is not uncommon, especially if they start their show career as 2 year olds.

MANY people use Adequan and Pentosan as a “preventative” so to speak, and its cheaper than feeding an oral supplement that may or may not do what it claims to do.

My gelding will be on Pentosan this spring before he heads out for the trainer for two months. My mare is on it now for her arthritis.

I think you’re kind of between a rock and a hard place as far as determining what works best on a 3 yr old. UNLESS, said three year old is already creaky, stiff, needs lots of warm up, etc. However, afaik, all these boosters are harmless.

I have tried Adequan, Ichon, Chrondo-Protect and Acetyl-D-Glucosamine. All of these helped my elderly crew, but results were, in every case, subtle.

As far as cost: Adequan was the most expensive and Acetyl-D-Glucosamine was the least expensive.

All of them work better than oral supplements, imo.