Adequan pricing

Any known/suspected Adequan discounts on the horizon. I’m hoping again for the first time in many years and wonder if I should just buy or wait for a winter-sales-doldrum sale?

Also, it’s really annoying that the larger volume bottle isn’t enough for two cycles of dosing.

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Valley Vet offers a discount in auto shipments that bring it down to about $43 per vile. I thought that was pretty impressive savings.

Well, what d’ya know: Just got a 10% promo on Valley Vet. I figure that’s about as good as it’s gonna get.


My vet has an “online pharmacy” and will offer $20 off $200 or similar discounts every now and again. Perhaps your vet has something similar :slight_smile:

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I’ve found Allivet with an auto-ship discount to be the least expensive source, in general. You also earn points on purchases there that you can redeem for a discount on your next purchase.

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