Adjustable Dressage Saddle recommendation

I’m looking for a new saddle, I have multiple horses that I ride and need a saddle that’s adjustable. I have an old Wintec, but I would love to have a leather, comfortable (leg blocks a plus) Dressage saddle in the $2k range and under. I’m currently riding a wide Friesian x Holsteiner, but want to be able to adjust it to fit a medium sized Mustang.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I ride in an older Fairfax cob dressage. It is the same design as the Thorowgood and Kent & Masters cob dressage saddle but has the upgraded leather. It has the changeable gullet plates plus it is wool flocked, which makes it pretty versatile. However, (IMO) these saddles are not really designed to have their gullets switched out every day/every ride.

If I were you, I would get a saddle (probably an adjustable one) and have it fitted to the wider horse first, then use a half pad to get a good fit for the second one.

I would suggest an adjustable saddle for a horse that was young or still developing or something like a consignment or lesson barn, where a horse may need a saddle for a few weeks/months or school ponies get a rotation of being in the program and getting a break. YMMV


Check these out;…ressage+saddle

I have a jump and a dressage version of the Cavalleti brand, which is Bliss/Loxley saddlery’s off the rack line. They are leather and wool flocked using “lower quality” materials but both my saddles have nicer leather/wool than most saddles in that price range. The adjustable tree actually adjusts front to back, not just over the withers. I purchased mine from a fitter, I got to try the saddles at home for a week, then they ordered me one, then they fit it, then I rode in it for a month and they fit it again. The panels are gusseted so they accommodate a wide range of horses.

All this for $1500 new. Any US fitter who does the Bliss/Loxley saddles can do these.

It was so much better than buying and selling a dozen saddles to get one that fit me and my horse.


There is not a saddle that will handle multiple gullet changes every day. Fit the widest horse and either pad up the others or get two saddles.

Oh - but there is. I own two that I can adjust while riding (1xAP+1xDR) Demonstrates the huge importance of saddle balance.

You could also consider treeless. You would need “custom” pads for each horse to balance the saddle for you. Most adjustable saddles are not meant to be adjusted daily. I have a Solution treeless saddle which is quite traditional looking. Not sure how many used ones might be on the side of the pond (made in England).


One of the lesser known manufacturers of leather saddles with adjustable trees is Bond Street. They are not around anymore, but occasionally a used one comes on the market. I bought a used one more than 10 years ago, and it is still going strong.

Wintec has the leather Bates Isabell model. I used to have an older Wintec Isabell and I really loved that saddle and didn’t like the changes. I think Bates brought the older model back. Are they on your radar? I wouldn’t try to use pads to balance a saddle unless the pad had shims or something. I’d look for 2 saddles. Do you have an independent saddle fitter that you could consult and could give you advice after measuring your horses’ backs?