Adjustable jump saddles

I have a young connemara/tb that is coming five. It looks like my dressage saddle is going to work okay for him, so I was wondering about people’s experiences with adjustable jump saddles. I didn’t think my Albion dressage was going to work, so I got a Thorowgood T8 GP compact. It’s nice and comfortable, but I’m thinking for strictly jumping getting one of the jump models would be preferable. What are people’s experiences with the T8 or Kent & Masters jump saddles? I have had plenty of experience with high-end and custom jump saddles, but with horses changing and changing horses, they don’t make sense right now. I may go for an “adjustable” Albion K2 at some point.

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I’m riding in an original K&M jump saddle (MJU) that I’ve had on trial for about a month now and I really like it. I don’t feel perched in it, or trapped by blocks or padding, but it’s comfortable and secure. It doesn’t have the soft, grippy leather the French saddles do, but the quality is good for the cost. K&M hasn’t made this saddle in a while and this one looks new. I don’t know how much use it’s truly had, but it’s in excellent shape. I was looking for a jump saddle with a front gusset without breaking the bank, and I think this is the only saddle in this price range that offers them as a standard option. I hadn’t really heard of them before, but I’m impressed with the saddle for the cost.

You can still find some of the original jumps around. I think I have a few still.

What is the difference?

The tree is different. So it fits different horses.

The Albion “Adjustatree” requires a saddler to adjust it, you can’t do it yourself. I don’t see the difference between that and most other spring steel trees. Most spring steel trees of any brand can be adjusted in a tree press.

I do understand that. That’s why I put it in quotes. I just like the K2 in general, so it’s one I’d consider for the longer term. And I have had an albion and a Black Country widened in the past. They have just had to be sent out and it couldn’t be done by a fitter.

I have the Thorowgood jump and love it. I would totally buy another in a heartbeat. I have the Thorowgood cob dressage as well and was surprised that the seat depth wasn’t similar. The seat of the jump is deeper than the dressage, which I personally prefer, and puts me in a good position.

I can’t say enough good things about Hastilow. I originally got a custom Concept Jump for my ISH gelding (to try to make it look as hunter-y as possible), then when it looked like he was leaving on a lease I had it adjusted to my flatbacked, no-wither-having, fat pony (so it went from a M or MW to a 3XW). When dingleberry came from back the lease after two months because he doesn’t know where his bread is buttered :woman_facepalming:t4: I bought a used one and had the fitter out to reflock and fit it to him. I actually like this one better :laughing:. If you are ok with monoflap then there are even more Hastilow Concept jump saddles avail used than the standard flap I wanted.

They use the same tree as the K&M you were thinking of getting, same fitter etc. Hastilow’s leather is a bit better I think.

I knew Fairfax was on the same tree as the Kent & Masters and Thorowgood, but I didn’t know Hastilow as well? It makes sense that the Hastilow USA dealer seems to also work a lot with the other saddles.

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Do you have the T8? And what sort of jumping do you do with it? I’d like to get the T8, as it’s cheaper than the K&M, but don’t want it to be too slippery!

I have the AP. I definitely don’t find it slippery, but then I’m just just hopping over logs and cross rails. It’s a great saddle and definitely offers bang for the buck. For being a leather and synthetic hybrid, it’s really quite smart looking.

Aw. I have the GP, but am thinking of trading it in for a jump. I like the flatter seat for jumping. My compact is super comfy!

A student of mine has a Black Country Celeste. Not a DRESSAGE! Saddle Like an Eden) not a Jump saddle (a BCS Quantum) But very nice fit for her BLM ((built like a QH) and cute Morgan guy. BCS does make saddles for “native stock” wide cobs! BCS very well made.