Adopting an aging broodmare

I have been thinking about this on a regular basis for the past few months. I haven’t been able to find my mare’s dam, who would be 20 years old now and whom I would love to offer a retirement home if I could. But I do know approximately where my friend’s gelding’s dam is, and I really would like to offer her a soft landing.

The mare in question was foaled in 1999. She only won $280 racing, but was expected to be a much better broodmare than she ended up being (she’s by Kris S. and out of a Key to the Mint mare). She has been bred continuously since she was 6 years old and has produced five reported live foals (three have raced, one is 2 this year, and the other is a yearling). I spoke with the breeder of all five foals about a year ago, shortly after I bought the gelding, and he told me that the mare is “hard to get in foal”, and that she has aborted more often than she’s actually caught.

If I’m ever in the proper financial situation, I intend to reach out to her owner again and offer to take her when he decides she’s done. I don’t know if I’d ever actually do anything with her, as I don’t know if she’s even sound, but she deserves a nice place to live out her days at least. I also don’t like her owner’s reputation for unloading horses who aren’t useful (her first and third foals are prime examples of this “throwaway” mentality), so there’s an element of concern for her safety, too.

So my question is this: How many of you have adopted older broodmares, and what has your experience been with them? Have you ever reached out to a breeder to offer a specific mare a home? And if I am going to approach this person, how should I go about it? (Yes, I know I shouldn’t say anything about concern for mare’s welfare :wink: )

Good luck. I hope you find the dam alive and adopt her and give her a home. When I bought my last ottb mare in 2001, I tried to find all of her foals, but couldn’t find any of them (6)… And I tried to find my WB’s dam in Germany. Again no luck. I wanted to buy them all.

I don’t know if my domestic Trak’s dam is alive in Minnesota. I emailed her breeder but didn’t get a response.

If you’re serious, I’d make sure the owner knows of your interest now - and regularly - and that you’d be willing to offer her a home/purchase at the killbuyers price + something for his time/trouble … it is heartbreaking to see how many horses go through auction and end up on the truck to slaughter. I appreciate your excellent intentions, but it takes no time at all for someone to dump a horse and they are gone in a blink of an eye.

I’ve taken on a few, and have told a couple of breeders that I will take a specific mare, if it comes to that. the ones ive taken have been rehomed, one is an adult ammy’s pleasure horse, and another is a pet and companion horse. both are happy as clams, and the breeding farm they came from is thrilled that they got good homes.

Good luck, OP. As said above, don’t wait or she might go poof.

What is the name of your mare’s dam? Maybe someone here will have a lead or could help you find her. You have probably searched online quite a bit, but I don’t mind doing some internet sleuthing for you, if you would like.

My mare’s dam is Cafe’ Latte (1995 gray by Kipper Kelly). I believe she’s still owned by Horacio Barbaran and is in Ocala, but I haven’t been able to get in contact with him so far.

I am definitely going to contact this owner about the gelding’s dam, though. You’re right, waiting isn’t a good idea. If I need to, I can stretch the budget a bit for her.

That mare hasnt been bred since 2009. I would think its likely she’s dead.

That mare hasnt been bred since 2009. I would think its likely she’s dead.[/QUOTE]

I understand that she may have died, but I’d like to know for sure. I’d also like to see photos of her if the breeder has any.

That mare hasnt been bred since 2009. I would think its likely she’s dead.[/QUOTE]

Aw. :frowning: You never know though. I have an ex-broodmare that turns 20 this year. I have always wondered if I should contact her breeder to let her know she’s still around and doing great.

He’s on Facebook. Maybe you could send him a message…

He’s on Facebook. Maybe you could send him a message…[/QUOTE]

I did send him a message, but it went to his “other” folder and he hasn’t seen it :confused: I’m going to try calling him again, someone on here got his phone number from the racing secretary at Tampa Bay Downs and she gave it to me.

As for “hasn’t been bred since 2009”, the mare who is the subject of this thread didn’t produce a foal from 2008 to 2013, so it’s not impossible… but I do understand the skepticism. I’d like to find out, though.

I took in a 17 year old retired Trakehner broodmare. She turns 22 this year. If I could get her to live as long as I do I would. I love her, I don’t ride her or breed her but feel blessed to have her in my herd. She is the Queen Of All She Surveys!

I hope you are able to bring an old broodie into your life as well.

Years ago, I was lucky to run into some people who owned a then-20yo broodmare that had been bred, raised and raced by my great-uncle before being sold. They referred to her as an “every other year” breeder and had her last foal, a then-3yo filly on the farm. They offered her to me for free, because of my relation. I know the mare was at the end of her broodie career, and they were probably glad to get her off the feed bill, but the chance for me to own a horse that came from my g-uncle’s farm was no less exciting for me. She’s now 26, affectionately called The Old Biddy, and is an absolute gem. It really makes me happy to know that I’ve been able to give her a forever home and dote on her in her twilight years. She keeps my young gelding in line and is always the first to let me know when I’m running late or not moving fast enough at feeding time. :wink:

Don’t give up on finding the broodmare! There’s every chance she’s just a pasture ornament somewhere, waiting to be found and given a good final landing place with you. Good luck!

I think his son who works for the farm is also on FB and seems to post a lot of pix…maybe he’s a better person to get in touch with and share your interest - ask him to pass along to his father?