Adult dressage camp

Hi all,

I’m interested in finding an adult dressage camp this spring/summer. Ideally would be located in the midwest. Ride at least once a day with a reputable trainer, theory discussions, demos and other hands on exersices.

I know i could trailer somewhere for a few days but I really like the idea of being fully immersed in an educational environment.

Thanks for any input!

COntact the various USDF GMOs in the region, or your Regional DIrector - the GMOs might have one inthe works and the DIrector might know of it or others.

If you decide to head out of the Midwest area, keep an eye on the GMHA calendar. It’s in Woodstock, Vermont and a prettier location just doesn’t exist. They have hosted an adult camp for years. I went pre-kids and loved it.

Way back when there used to be USDF Adult Camps with at least 3 Instructors (most were USDF certified). They would be on a Thur-Sunday and you took 2 lessons a day, plus attended lectures and demos. It would include housing, a stall and the lessons. In our area they seemed hard to fill so they stopped having them. It would be about $800 for the camp. I think for what you got for the money they were very good. Probably also hard to find a venue that is affordable with all the amenities.
You see camps that run a Fri-Sun with more local instructors, there is one in OK in March but probably not what you are looking for.

I know someone who attended an adult camp here and really loved it.

Thanks! I’ll look i to the ones mentioned. It would be a great way to spend a vacation and be able to focus on ridind. It’s sometimes hard at home with all the other distractions.