Adult hunter/jumper lessons near Atlanta?

Hey there! I’m a 30 year old working adult looking to get back into riding! It’s been about 5 years since I’ve last sat on a horse. I’m looking at barns near the Atlanta area and I’m getting overwhelmed. Does anyone have any great trainer or barn reccs? Really just looking to jump around (would love to get back to the 3’6” days) and get back in the saddle - maybe show locally but nothing intense. I live in the Buckhead area of Atlanta if that’s helpful!

I’m currently looking at:
Atlanta Equestrian In Cumming (it’s just a bit too far out at 50 min away from me)
River Run / Rise Equestrian near Marietta

also have heard some good things about Falcon Ridge. Please let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Are you looking to lease in the near future or need a by the ride horse? That’s the biggest issue, especially for jumping over 2’6’. And how long are you wanting to spend in the car?

I think there was a similar thread about this quite recently, if you do a search I seem to remember a lot of recommendations in various parts of the Atlanta area.

If you are on Facebook, you might want to post an ISO on a group like the North GA Equine Tack/Farm Exchange. I was hunting around for something more H/J specific, but couldn’t really find anything. But this group has quite a few followers, so I’d be surprised if you got no responses!

I can completely understand your being overwhelmed…it’s a big market and drive time is a huge factor. Especially if you need school horses. Good luck!

I have an adult ammy friend who rides at Falcon Ridge and I get the impression she is very happy there. She even found a lovely horse to 1/2 lease and do the adult hunters on.