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Advantech subfloor under stored hay?

I just had an elevated wood floor installed in my short-term (like 2 weeks at a time) hay storage area. They used a subflooring product called Advantech that has a “polyurethane-family” resin coating to provide some water resistance. The tech support folks said that once beyond the manufacturing process, the finish is inert and stable. We did not use adhesive; it is screwed down to a wooden framework that has ventilation, much like a giant pallet.

I have the option to continue using pallets on top of the floor but that was not my original intention. What says the collective expertise of CoTH?

Thanks in advance.

Oh, so it’s an OSB product? This stuff?


What’s your concern in storing hay directly on it? Whether or not that’ll work may depend on climate etc…how much moisture is just around that could sit between the hay & floor surface. Give it a try and see how it goes? Add pallets if you find hay isn’t as fresh as you’d like.

What’s your plan on keeping rodents from living in the floor?

I recommend continue using the pallets under the hay for air flow. Hay has moisture, which will turn to mold if stored on “finished” wood surface. No place for the moisture to go against your new flooring, so it will mold. Any air movement you can get with the pallets under the hay is helpful in preventing mold. Lets moisture disperse more readily from the stacked hay.

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So it’s sealed chip board over a pallet-esque grid? For hay stored in such small amounts/short turnaround times you’re fine, though this sort of board with a coating wouldn’t be my first choice. My loft hay sits directly on marine grade plywood that has never caused an issue in 20 years. That plywood sits on 2x12 joists. I have last year’s hay sitting on it now with nary an issue. Pallets would just create rat tunnels.

Oooo can you share photos? I’m in the design process for a longer term hay storage and really trying to avoid pallets. Always like to see what others come up with!

That is what I would do. With the hay only being stored 2 weeks at a time you most likely won’t have any issues with moisture draw --unless your wooden supports are directly on dirt/ gravel base.