Advice for what to do with injured mare

So, just looking for some advice on what to do with my mare who is no longer able to be used for competitive dressage due to nerve injury. Been thinking of a couple options. She has a wonderful sweet disposition with a great work ethic. She was well on her way to the Grand Prix dressage, thought that is what we would be doing this summer. So it is devastating that a nerve injury due to a cyst in the sinus has caused her inability to perform at a high level anymore. (She had surgery to have it removed and is doing well otherwise).

Anyway, I’m considering either trying to find someone interested in her as a broodmare or breeding her myself then selling her in foal. Don’t think that I can afford to keep her as just a pasture puff unfortunately. She is maiden and turning 13.

So, I guess just wondering what the thoughts/ experience others have had. If I breed her then I have a few ideas of what would suit her, but I want to consider maybe just leaving her open and letting someone else decide all that.

Long question short… what might be more feasible? Open broodmare available for sale? Or mare for sale in foal?


Definitely don’t breed her with idea of selling. Your odds of finding a buyer looking for that exact match would be teeny tiny. Don’t get a foal to sell, again odds of finding buyer would be small, especially as you have no idea what she would produce.
Definitely try to sell her as a broodmare. Maybe do a trade for a young horse from a breeder?
Can she still be ridden? Maybe find someone looking for a lower level or pleasure horse?


Thank you for your input. Yeah, I can definitely see how it might be better to let someone else decide on breeding. My concern was about her being maiden that would deter someone from trying with her.
Gives me more to think about. I’m trying to be practical, but you know how that goes with horses :wink:

If you can, contact her sire’s current (and past if applicable) owner, and even her damsire’s owner, and see if they have any interest in her as a broodmare, or have clients who might be. They should have some idea what their lines tend to cross well with.

You could offer up, as part of an incentive to sell, getting her in foal to the buyer’s preferred stallion, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of getting her bred.


Thank you, that’s good to think about too.

So, I’m also now considering breeding her myself. And I can always decide to keep the foal for myself or sell later. So, I’ll probably reach out in another post about thoughts on stallions. Thanks all!