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Advice Needed-- New weanling turnout with mare and foal

I just bought a weanling who was weaned at 3 months (she is now 4 months). The only real option I have for turnout for her is to put her out with my current mare and foal (the other foal is almost 3 months). I will be weaning him in Oct/Nov and will be moving the mare off of the property. My hope is that the weanlings can then be buddies and grow up together. Any advice for introducing the weanling in with the mare and foal? My current mare is protective, but not in a physical/violent way. Her foal was foaled at a foaling barn and she spent time turned out with all the other mares and foals after he was born, so she has been out in a pasture with other horses with him before. She was never aggressive. If she didn’t want him playing with the other babies, she would just go stand in between them.

I would think it should not be a problem. Do you have a way to introduce them through safe fencing or stable next to each other before putting them in together?

Not that is set up right now, but I think I could make something up pretty easily. In the mare and foal’s pen, there is a section that could easily be penned off. It would be pretty small, but it would probably work for a week or two so they could all sniff and get used to each other.

I agree with the above advice. Best if they could be in adjoining paddocks for a few days until you’re sure that the mare won’t hurt the new kid. Tho, it’s been my experience that most mares are happy to have someone for their baby to play with.