Advice on how to have the orphaned foal inspected???

Hey guys -

I am new to this whole inspection/warmblood world. Incase you haven’t read my other thread, I have a colt who was born 2 weeks ago, was rejected by his mother and adopted by another mare. My mare is registered with Jockey Club but that is all. After speaking with the stallion owner, I understand I would be registering with RPSI. Has anyone been in this type of situation? I guess the smarter thing would have been to have my mare inspected before having her foal but I never would have thought I’d be in this predicament… Horses!! So has anyone had a rejected foal inspected? How did you make it work?? There is no way we could have them presented at the same time as it would be super unsafe. My mare is an angel unless her colt is around.

Thanks in advance!

You take your mare, and the surrogate mare and the foal, have the mare inspected by herself, and have the foal inspected with his “mom”.

You explain beforehand who’s who, and I would assume try to have the biological dam inspected first

If you have to go to inspection, you do as JB described above. However, what’s the stallion’s name? KWPN will take a TB mare without inspection and will register by mail, so if that’s an option for you, I’d jump on it. If the stallion is only approved RPSI, that won’t work, though.

The stallion is Amazing.

A good friend of mine lost her mare after foaling. The mare was RPSI approved a few years ago. The baby was raised with her sister. She just advised the RPSI inspectors of the situation and the foal was just presented alongside her sister and the RPSI inspectors were very understanding. In your situation, as others have already stated, you’d also bring along the dam and have her inspected separately.

I also had an orphaned foal several years back - same as others said, I presented him with his surrogate mother and surrogate brother. Luckily, his dam had already been inspected, since she was dead :frowning: The inspectors (RPSI) simply inspected he and his “brother” back to back, so they all went out together.

Take all 3 horses to the inspection. It happens - just explain who is who and all will be fine.

saw a cute Toulon x Darco orphan at inspection in Germany with his “uncle” - it was adorable to see the gelding trot out proud with his little ward.

AHHA We presented orphan with his adopted mom and her foal and they inspected both foals simultaneously.