Advice on moving on from farrier

I’ve decided I’m not happy with the direction my horse’s feet are going and let my trimmer know it wasn’t working for me. I thought that would be the polite thing to do rather than just ghosting them.

The last trimmer I had to “fire” was nice about it and we wished each other the best.

However this one wants to come assess my horse and discuss which I’m unsure about accommodating. I understand and respect professionals who want to stand by their work, but I’m not sure anything constructive would come from this. The state of my horse’s feet has made the decision for me that their method isn’t working for my horse. Based on previous conversations, I don’t think they are open to adjusting their method and I’m not interested in being convinced I need to give it more time to trust their process.

I’ve used them for 4 cycles at 4 weeks and already had concerns halfway through the last cycle which I brought up at the last appointment. We agreed on the issue but I don’t think we agree on the way to address it.

There’s a serious lack of good hoof care providers in my area and I understand that it’s hard for professionals to learn and do better if they don’t get feedback from clients. I want to do the right thing, but not get sucked into drama or a debate.

Any advice on how to proceed?

Keep it simple. “Farrier, I’m really busy for the next two weeks, but I’ll let you know if I have time to book an appointment for you to come and discuss Horsey’s last trim after that.” DONE.


I might approach this differently…especially if there is a shortage of good farriers in your area. They all know each other and they talk-you don’t want to get a reputation for being difficult and firing people. If I were in your shoes, I’d at least discuss it one more time. I don’t mean let the farrier do your horse one more time, but try to at least hear the farrier out. Maybe it sunk in last time.


I think it is worth a conversation. One farrier was taking too much sole off one of my driving ponies–the pony would be ouchy on the road for about a week after a trim. All I had to do was let the farrier know it was a problem, and he adjusted the way he was trimming. No one got mad, and I kept him as my farrier for a lot of years until I moved out of state.

There’s a lot of science behind trimming, but also the art of understanding how a particular horse is being used.



This is why so many horse owners learn to do their own trimming - if your physically capable:)

In the meantime, check out

You may find someone in your region you aren’t aware of:)

Best wishes in finding someone. I know how to trim. After I had to stop riding, I trimmed my own horses for a lot of years until I couldn’t and had to start relying on someone else for trims. It is frustrating when things don’t get done the way you know they should.


This is a tough situation to be in.

Like was said already, farriers talk to each other.

I assume that you have been mentioning your concerns all along and in those four appointments this farrier has ignored your concerns? Or is what is happening now something new that has not been discussed?

But really, I suppose it does not matter and you are allowed to hire whatever farrier you like best. Maybe you just do not like blue trucks and that farrier drove a blue truck.

Thank the farrier for their continued desire to do a great job and just politely say that your schedule is full but if you find time to invite them over to discuss you will contact them.


Let them put their money where their mouth is. Have them meet you at the vets office. Where you can take rads and discuss as professionals what is going on with the feet and what is best practice moving forward. They will either put up or shut up.
Okay, so that sounds rather rude. It is, I suppose. But in the best interests of the horse? You are their advocate. And personally I have gotten tired of being told I’m wrong when I knew darn good and well I was right.


Well this resolved itself rather quickly. I wanted to sleep on it before replying to the trimmer and think about how to respond. Got a wall of text at 4am calling me disrespectful for not replying to their request and listing all kinds of reasons my horse could be off including the quality of their manure and inflammation in the body.

It answered my question on whether they were genuinely interested in hearing my concerns or wanting to tell me all the ways I’m wrong.

Now I understand why some people choose to just ghost their service providers rather than be subject to that.

No one knows my horse better than me, I see them every day. I’m also tired of owners being told they don’t know anything because we are not “professionally trained”.

I’m heartbroken that I let my horses feet regress to this point. But they are such resilient and forgiving creatures I know we will get back on the right track.


This and the other comments about the community being small works both ways. After I told vet I stopped using previous trimmer, they admitted they were not a fan of what they saw of their work. When the vet is out in a couple of weeks for spring shots, I’m sure they will ask me who is doing my horse’s feet and I will be honest.


I’m sorry that the trimmer turned out to be such an ass (oops! that is an insult to donkeys everywhere!).

Meeting with him/her might have been a good opportunity to give the trimmer some feedback, but I was concerned that they would basically use it as a chance to tell you why you are wrong and they are right. The texts from the trimmer seem to confirm that, if you had met with them, that’s how it might have played out.

Good luck with your next trimmer!


This was exactly my hesitation. I’m glad I gave it some time and space and the truth surfaced on its own.

Sucks this industry can be so judgemental and unprofessional though. As an owner who is genuinely trying to do right by their horse the unkind words and accusations take a toll emotionally.


Don’t take it to heart. Trimmer is simply BSC. Normal people don’t behave like that.


Exactly what I was going to say. Now you know they have a midnight texting problem and quite likely a drinking problem. And they are bsc.


Thanks for the reassurance.

I am not familiar with this term, what is BSC?


Bat [poop] crazy


:bat: :poop: :crazy_face:


Have you asked the vet if they can recommend a farrier? I found a real good one that way and I was in a very small community where everyone knew everyones business :unamused:


Some farriers are just cads. Some are more-open to listening to owners. When i first moved back to Missouri i went through four farriers before i found one who was a decent enough trimmer. After twenty years i let him go. He was always skeezy, but the last 3 years were just too much. I could no longer endure all his little sexual innuendos. He was good with my horses’ feet and good farriers are hard to find. Finally i found another farrier that came recommended. And he’s a decent man too. And a tolerant one!! I march my farrier over to my mustangs and have him take a good look at them, at their angles, at their heel heights and toe lengths…we trim the two that always need it, scrutinize all the others to make sure things are coming along with them. Having reset his eyes, we go to work on the domestic herd. He knows i will tell him anytime i see unevenness, and he knows i’ll bark orders regarding any handling issue, without preamble or hesitation. He also knows i’m autistic. The man’s a saint i tell you. Not the world’s best farrier, but good enough and my horses go barefoot and none are ever footsore. So what more can you ask?


:joy: love it. Thanks for the laugh. I sure need it.

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So sorry this turned out this way. Hopefully you will find someone wonderful. When I went with my long-time farrier, I had been ghosted by one excellent farrier (never found out why, as we paid at time of service and he seemed to like us and our horses), then had two that were awful. I had exhausted everyone in my area who was available, and then a friend who lived an hour south of me suggested her long-time farrier. I didn’t think he’d be willing to travel that far, but he was, and then two of my friends in the neighborhood starting using him, and we all had multiple horses. So it remained worthwhile even when gas got stupid expensive (and of course we insisted on paying more for trims when his costs increased).

My horses absolutely loved him. He was just an all-around nice guy, easy to be around.

I hope you can have similar luck in finding someone good.