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AEC H&C stream question

Good Morning Eventing Fans:

According to the COTH promo piece, “All beginner novice and novice divisions will be available to stream for free, Sept. 1-3 on Horse & Country.”

However, on this morning’s H&C’s live stream list, I see no Novice Dressage, which ostensibly started at 8:30 ET.

My son’s girlfriend is riding her dressage test in at 8:48 ET.

Am I missing a memo? When I read “All … novice division” will be available, I was psyched as it’s the closest I’ll get to seeing him or her, or her horse for longer than a flash in the jumping divisions.


Here it shows no dressage to be streamed on Thurs or Friday.

Also, this quote here says 9/1-9/3, and today is 8/31, so I think you will have to wait for the jumping divisions.

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Right. I was afraid of that.

I’m vaguely annoyed by the false implication of the term in the press release, “All…divisions…” and mostly my failure to read the dates.

Thank you for checking my work. :slight_smile:


Now, I have a protocol question in the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished™️ department.

Since you’ve answered my question, should I delete this topic?

While I’ve been hanging around here for years, I remain a Greenie and definitely want to stay on the good side of the mods.

No reason to delete anything. Maybe someone else wonders.

If no one else wonders this thread will just slide down the page.

I actually appreciated the posting of the schedule.


Don’t delete. It may help someone else wondering the same thing. :slight_smile:

Hope you get to see your rider tomorrow and saturday and they have a great weekend!


Thank you, again.

I can’t get the live stream to work at all. Any suggestions?

I can only find where to pay for it, I can’t figure out how to get the free viewing either.

Nevermind I figured it out. If i click on the title and not the visit live event page it works. This is after I signed into my account, but I don’t have a membership. I am not sure if you have to have the account though?


This streaming service I am not a fan of.

Is anyone getting a live stream now of BN XC or Novice stadium?

I thought they were going to be live today but the H+C app is showing next live broadcast isn’t until tomorrow and the current “live” videos are of yesterdays’s Novice XC

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Yes, it’s working for me. Novice stadium of some sort currently.

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Yes, I had it. Watched from 4:45 to 6:20 am PT this morning. :flushed:

Thanks for starting this thread. I didn’t even know AECs were being live streamed. I was able to watch some of it. It’s fun to see people riding your own level instead of many many levels above.


My pleasure. I’m glad I saw as much as I did, too.

I wanted to watch because my son’s girlfriend competed in the humongous novice rider division and ended up in the top half. Pretty respectable for someone who, though she’s ridden her whole life, came to eventing fairly recently.

Also, the second place rider in that division is aged 66 on a 23 year-old horse she’s competed for the last 14 years. I could hear those stories all day, every day. :slight_smile: