Affordable flat hunt bridle recs

Hey guys. I’m back looking for tack reccomendations. I want a medieval bridle with a face piece for Sunny. Why? Because they look cool and I hoard tack. I love the look of the ones at THT with the metal studs ( I would get it if it was leather. But op! They have a leather medieval bridle (! Not to my standards they do not. It does not have the studs! I could probably have them make me one, but I’m cheap. I also dislike how the bit connects to the noseband.

So here is my solution: I’m going to purchase a plain flat hunt bridle and have my friend who does leather work make the face piece and maybe put studs in. I mean I could just order any cheap hunt bridle, but I want (need) the leather colors to match. So instead of painstakingly trying to find the perfect match, I just want a bridle that will take Hydrophane darkening oil. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Here are my needs and hopes
-Flat cavesson and browband
-Cob sized
-Not monocrown
-Durable leather
-Will take oil well to be darkened (or redyed)
-$100 or less

-Not a super fat 2" noseband. My ottb has a very delicate face.
-Reins included?

That’s about it. Thanks!

HDR makes (or made) one that was around your price point. It looks like SP has a Plymoth flat hunt bridle under $100 too.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I’ve never had any good luck with HDR. All of their tack has a plasticy coating on it. It’s like it’s painted. It is very odd. Their 5 point breastplate is mediocre. None of their tack takes any oil. :frowning:

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I feel the same way about HDR tack. I have some of their stuff from YEARS ago (circa 2007) that isn’t as much like that, but one of their bridles I bought barely used 6 years ago is very plasticky IMO, with a painted on finish.

I think your best bet for a decent quality bridle under $100 would be to look around on eBay for a nice gently used one, or see if you can find one by Exselle (though I’m not sure if it will be under $100). I’m afraid pretty much anything else on the market right now under $100 will have that same plasticky feel to it. It is getting harder and harder to find tack even in the mid-priced range that doesn’t feel like that IMO (part of why I mostly shop used, that and you can get great deals on great quality, sometimes even in brand new, unused condition!). I have great luck on eBay.

If you have an Amish harness shop near you, you may be able to have a nice one made for an affordable price as well. I had a beautiful Western headstall made by my local Amish harness shop years ago and the quality is outstanding. I believe they could make a basic flat hunt bridle pretty easily and inexpensively, and most likely much better than anything you will be able to buy for the same price.