Affordable, off the rack tall boots that come in short AND wide?

Title says it all. This is proving surprisingly difficult.

I’m, uh, 21 years past due for new tall boots.

I’m looking to spend under $400. I am not interested in spending more or going custom; my weight fluctuates too much and the boots won’t get enough use.

It appears Ovation and Ariat advertise short height on several of their models, but I can’t find anyone who has both short and wide in stock. Every site I look at says “this model is no longer available.”

TuffRider Plus Size boots have short, but their plus size regular boot is 17”, over an inch wider than most “wide” boots and wider than I need. I can’t seem to find any of their non-plus size boots in short.

Secondary question: if I can’t find this unicorn, what affordable, off the rack brands work best for short-legged riders?

Ariats supply chain for tall boots appears to have completely collapsed. I have no. Idea when it will rebound.

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Mountain Horse was the one brand I could find off the rack that fit my short, wide calf. I did have to put heel risers in them, but their Sovereigns fit me very well otherwise, and have held up really well the last few years.

Also, even Ariat’s Wide did not fit me if you can somehow find them in stock. At the time it was extremely discouraging considering I’m a completely normal weight and just happen to have thicker calves. Was very happy to find MH.


It seems this is a problem for a lot of boot manufacturers right now. No matter where I look, inventory is out of whack for most of the brands in my price range. Major retailers seem to be limited to an odd assortment of sizes.

I don’t know if this is a covid fallout or just supply and demand.

I’ve had good success with Tredstep! Lots of different fit options, some with longer lead times than others. The Donatello line is $320, and they do go on sale on occasion.

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Good to know! Thank you! I had also never used heel risers. That is a good idea.

I’ve also had problems with Ariat’s tall boots and half chaps not fitting well, but I was encouraged to try them again with some models advertising short sizes. I probably shouldn’t bother.

The closest tack store is wiped out of my size and has been for awhile so I haven’t been able to try anything on lately.

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Good to know! Thank you!

You’re welcome! And I also find they do fit pretty true to size… I’m a size 7 foot, wide ~15.5" calf… I bought a pair of Donatello III field boots to replace my 8+ year old ones… size 37 FR (full calf, regular height).
I bought last year right as their manufacturing facility was opening back up - lead time was about 12 weeks, mostly because of Covid + non stocked size. They were on sale for $299 with $100 gift card, so worth the wait for me!

Best of luck! Boot hunting sucks…

The problem I’m having is everyone is still out of stock for a lot of sizes. Like, right now I’m googling like crazy and no one has any short wide Treadsteps in my size, either.

I already hate boot shopping (hence why I’ve been wearing the same ones for 21 years). But inventory seems to be messed up adding to the frustration of needing an odd size.


Pretty sure it’s Covid. If anything people would have been buying fewer tall boots this past year.

I didn’t see what type of boot you are looking for or a specific size, but I would suggest checking the Petries at Ooteman in NL. They have a wide range of size configurations in stock boots. I ordered a beautiful pair of Padova II’s for just under $300, shipping was $45 and they arrived in about 10 days.

I’m looking for women’s size 8.5 (could do 8 or 9 depending on the brand). Preferably dress boots, but if I can only find the right size in field boots then fine. Black. Wide calf- measured 15 3/4” over my thickest breeches. Something short height or that trends shorter. I’d prefer zipper over pull ons.

I looked at the Ooteman website and I must have been missing something. Anything under $400 USD was only available in one size and nothing in wide, much like what I’m seeing stateside. But thanks for the tip- I’ll keep checking.

I have the Ovation Flex in xwide. They’re a bit too tall for me even now that they’re broken in, but not terribly so. This is my second pair (the first lasted almost 5 years) and they’re decent for the price. It looks like Big Dee’s has the Flex Plus short/wide in an 8 or 9 if that would work for you.

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Dover’s Riding Sport boots have a good range of sizes and widths. Not sure how long they’ll last but they get the job done for now!

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Check out LA Saddlery and the Ego7s. Hit and miss with what they have in stock, but I was able to get a pair on a secret sale for $200

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I really appreciate all the recommendations.

I think I’m going to hoof it up to the local Dover Saddlery and see if they have ANYTHING I can try on. Between erratic inventory, my short & fat legs, and my inherent cheapness, I’m finding it maddening to try to make this purchase online.

So I am normally an 8 short wide as well and was having a very hard time finding a pair of boots about 2 years ago. Ariat is NOT what it used to be so I went to the local tack shop and laughed when she mentioned I try a pair of size 7 regular/regular Mountain Horse Sovereigns. Low and behold, they fit like I glove and I ended up buying two pairs (I found the second pair on Amazon!) These boots are beautiful, well made and well worth the money. Maybe you wont need a wide in them if you can find the regular calf! Worth a try!

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Don’t forget to look at Ebay, even used. I’ve found a great deal on used boots (they looked new) in the size I needed. Agree that inventory is limited in most manufacturers and always more so in the sizes you need.