Age for gelding?

Hello all,
I’ve recently bought an adorable Welsh pony, born 4/24/20.

I own and run a small boarding barn, so gelding him will make it easier to manage all of the environmental variables.
What’s the average age of gelding for you-all? He’s easy to handle, so there’s no huge rush, but I’d rather do it sooner than later.
Photo of the handsome little manimage

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I’ve always done it in the spring when they’re acclimated to the new pasture so you can lay them down out there on clean grass and leave them out for the movement to help reduce he swelling.

Just DON’T do it mid-afternoon when the school buses are running! I had to call our neighborly bus driver and apologize after she drove up the country subdivision that runs alongside the pasture, with a full load of grade school kids, and the vet and I had the yearling on his back, legs up in the air and the vet in working position. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

p.s. Nice pony! My welsh was my driving partner. He’s 30 now and has Cushings so that’s history now.


I’ve gelded them anywhere from 8 months (one month before weaning) to 5 years old (and older for other breeds) regarding my welsh. I found it to be easier the younger they are and had less complications which was the only influence on ‘at what age’ that I based my decision if I knew I wasn’t going to keep them intact. The only other parameter I used in the timing was that I avoided fly season at all costs. Here that means I did it in the ‘warm’ winter months or late fall.

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I gelded my boy the winter before he turned two. He was born on April 1st.

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The younger they are, the easier it is on them. As long as testicles are available and ring is closed, they are good to go. 5 or 6 months old is the youngest I have had done. The older they are, the more blood supply is involved, and the more likely for “issues”, infections, clots. If his future is as a gelding, make it so. You may get an inch or so more growth in height with an early gelding, and less early maturity. Testosterone helps closing growth plates.


We will often geld in the spring of their yearling year (before it’s too warm and flies start). The only ones we generally keep intact longer are colts we are considering as stallion prospects.

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I do it between six and nine months in the winter when I do not have to worry about flies. The younger they are the easier it is on them.