Age of hanovarian

I’ve seen pics of this horse on a FB group. Horse is being sold as 17 and a imported Hanoverian. According to his brand, how old is this horse? His teeth look much older but he’s in pretty poor shape.

You can’t tell the age by the brand number. The brand number, in this case 87, would be the 3rd and 4th to last digits of the horse’s UELN or registration number. If you call or email the Hanoverian Verband in Germany, they can help you with identifying the horse based on color, markings, and possibly a DNA sample. Have you checked to see if the horse is microchipped? This pdf is very helpful, if you scroll through there is a description of the UELN.

No, the seller says the horse was sold to them as 17 but his teeth look at least 30.

Teeth are unreliable markers to the age of an older horse.

Contact the registry.

This. After age 5, really, teeth provide a “SWAG” (scientific wild-#$! guess), at best, as to a horse’s age.