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AHHA stallion suggestions


Ive started looking at stallions to breed my Holsteiner mare to next year. However I’m fried so looking for suggestions! I’m looking for a stallion who will throw height and mass. She’s a very feminine looking holsteiner standing at 16.1 and does not have the best natural top line. I loved diardo but I heard he does not produce height and Connor who I heard does not produce a good top line. Any suggestions welcomed!

Let’s discuss! Lots of info needed in order to make valid suggestions :-).

I have both a Cunningham and a Crown Affair get at my barn, both out of the same mare, both colts. My Crown Affair has superb conformation, nice bone, and is going to be quite tall. The Cunningham is more refined (which, I gather, is a little “atypical” for a Cunningham get) with a beautiful head and very leggy. Both are really fancy. Would recommend either!

All of the Cartier R (Cassini I/Acorado) foals have substance, a super topline and a beautiful head and neck. He’s only available with frozen, but it’s great quality.