Aiken SC area - tractor service at your farm

I live in Aiken county and I have a small tractor and a zero turn mower. Both are John Deere.

Can anyone recommend places that will come to your farm to service tractors and mowers? I don’t have a trailer to transport them. I know about the John Deere place in Aiken but I wanted to see if there are other options. Maybe an independent person or business that might be good?


You could call around to local tractor dealers? Around here the couple places that do service on tractors will come pick your tractor up it is an extra $100 but they pick it up and drop it off when it is done so it is worth it to me.

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I will get you a contact when I see my trainer on Tuesday. She has a man who comes to her Aiken farm to do service on their tractor and ZTR’s and UTV’s. I know they have been using him over five years now.

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That would be awesome! Thank you!! Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post his info on the forum.