Hello all! I am moving to Aiken in January and am hoping this move gives me a chance to move forward in the eventing world. I just graduated college and rode on the eventing team for my school, and while my horse has all of the natural jumping ability in the world, her dressage is sadly lacking. I am wanting to brush her up on basic dressage skills. I dont look to compete any higher than training or prelim, but we need some more dressage under her to move up from novice. I will be boarding at Full Gallop, and would like to see if a trainer is willing to travel out there. Please give me some recommendations (and prices if you know them!!)
Thank you!!

Post this on the SCDCTA Facebook page. Everyone will be glad to point you in the right direction. Considering joining too, great people and fun year end prizes! Welcome :slight_smile:

Check out Pierre Cousyn, he is based in Aiken and has a website. He’s excellent!

Justine Wilson is fantastic!

Pierre Cousyn

Melanie Mitchell in Aiken. Excellent.

Barbara Jacobs at Blue Ribbon Meadows Equestrian Center is right near Full Gallop. I believe her haul in rate is $70, but I am not positive. She has taken by OTTB from strung out canter to collected jumping stride that is amazing. I like her positive style and laid back farm.